About us

Rolf Binder and sister Christa Deans, produce a range of highly acclaimed Barossa premium wines using fruit from their own estate and other Barossa vineyards. Rolf focuses on red winemaking, for which he has received international accolades, and Christa is recognised as one of the region’s finest white winemakers.  American wine critic, Robert Parker Junior describes Rolf Binder as “one of my favourite wineries (whose) offerings are never excessively oaked, possess extraordinary ripe, concentrated fruit, great individuality.”

In 2019, the sibling winemakers celebrate working together in their family business for 25 years.

Binder Family 1966
Old Veritas Winery
Rolf Christa and Mrs Binder
Christa Deans
Rolf Binder
Rolf & Christa