On the hunt for Hales

It was great to meet some lovely visitors from the Netherlands who were on a mission to find our ‘Hales’ Shiraz! Nathalie had worked for the wonderful Michelin starred restaurant, Ciel Bleu in Amsterdam and she says she was converted to Shiraz by our Hales.

Now living in Melbourne with partner Rogier (Rockpool) and working for Rosetta restaurant, Nathalie wanted to bring visiting family to the Barossa to find the wine at the source!

Rolf really enjoyed meeting the Dutch family & we’re hoping that we’ll be able to catch up again in Melbourne this June…and maybe someday dine on the 23rd floor at Ciel Bleu!

If interested in this wine, it’s labeled within Australia as our RB Barossa Valley Shiraz and a bargain at $25.

Nathalie & Rogier with Rolf and their parents after finding the Hales Shiraz at RB cellar door.

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