Mystery Wine

It’s always great to meet visitors to our cellar door and hear their stories. Ted and Marg visited us from Brisbane this week on their hunt for a particular wine. Back in June, Ted was home alone on a cold winter’s night (they have them occasionally in QLD!) and lit a nice, cosy fire. He felt in the mood for a glass of red, so proceeded to investigate his wine rack. Ted came across a bottle that he wasn’t familiar with at all – with a large RB on the label – but had no idea what it could be or where it had come from. He decided to check it out & quickly decided one glass wasn’t enough! After some investigation, Ted found out that it was indeed a bottle of our 2012 Hanisch Shiraz, with a nice price tag of $110! Whoever had left that one for Ted to polish off, was obviously feeling rather generous :).

Since then, Ted has remembered the Hanisch and how much he had enjoyed drinking this special Shiraz. So with a trip planned to the Barossa, the hunt was on to find more. And so he and Marg ended up at our cellar door, where they were happy to find the same bottle still available for purchase.

ted_marg_hanisch-nov2016They’re planning to put this one away for a bit longer & we’re hoping it’s even more enjoyable than the first mystery wine!

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